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Duration of Warranty by Product Category

Product Category Duration
Card Reader Limited One-year Warranty
DRAM Limited Product Lifetime Warranty
Industrial SSD Limited One-year Warranty, Limited Two-year Warranty, Limited Three-year Warranty
Memory Card Limited 3-Years Warranty(Out-of-Warranty):Before 2004/05/31
Limited 5-Years Warranty(Out-of-Warranty):2004/06/01~2005/03/31
Limited Product Life-time Warranty:After 2005/04/01
USB Flash Drive Limited 1-Year Warranty(Out-of-Warranty):Before 2005/03/31
Limited 3-Years Warranty(Out-of-Warranty):2005/04/01~2006/05/31
Limited 5-Years Warranty:2006/06/01~2007/12/31
Limited Product Lifetime Warranty:After 2008/01/01

The product categories not listed above are all covered by a one year warranty.

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