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  • Q1.Why I plug 3TB portable disk to computer but seems OS only recognized 2TB capacity?
    • 1.    Some of Windows OS may have limitation if the disk capacity is exceed 2TB for storage disk or OS bootable disk.

      You must convert disk format to “GPT Disk” to recognize it and to get fully storage capacity.

      Please refer to below table for common OS support table and Microsoft official website FAQ:




      2.   Please open “Computer Manager” then select “Disk Manager”, you can check from the left of red mark for disk total capacity, if the capacity was 3TB, that means there’s nothing wrong with your AC233 3TB portable disk.


      3.    Check the partition format, if partition is format to “MBR Disk”, it can only recognized for 2TB capacity as below picture.

      And the rest of 746.52GB capacity can’t be use for store any data, it is Windows OS limitation for “MBR Disk”.


      4.    You need to follow below steps if you need to use full capacity to store data.

      Firstable you need to delete exist "MBR Disk" volume.


      5.    Move mouse arrow to AC233 3TB disk and right click on it, select “Convert to GPT Disk”.


      6.    Add new partition and check disk information you will saw it can totally recognized for 3TB by “GPT Disk” format.

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